Corona China Bristle and Ox-Ear Hair Blend

We select the finest China bristles and blend them with Ox-Ear hair, which is remarkably thinner and softer than the finest bristle.

This outstanding line of brushes is offered in three different blends of China bristle and Ox-Ear hair to provide ample choices to painters.

  • Extra soft "50/50" series is designed for meticulous work on delicate surfaces.
  • The "75/25" series, with more than 20 different sizes and shapes in trim, flat and regular styles, is favored for outstanding finish and fast production work.
  • Our honey-colored "80/20" blend use bristles of three different colors combined with Ox-Ear hair, with eatra length of stock for additional suppleness and effortless paint flow.

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St. Thomas™
Cat. No. 4460
Cat. No. 4560
Cat. No. 4065
Cat. No. 11060
Chicago Loop™
Cat. No. 11549
Oxlite Angle™
Cat. No. 11590
Ox Sash™
Cat. No. 11459
Cat. No. 11445
Cat. No. 11038
MiniPro™ Fox™
Cat. No. 11520
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