Corona Home/Maintenance Nylon/Polyester Blend

Our synthetic filament tools help the non-professional achieve a professional looking paint job. Using extra fine quality synthetic filaments, we offer something different: a higher standard for the Home/Maintenance painter in a full range of styles and sizes.

  • Gold Standard™ Nylon/Polyester Series provide the smoothest application with all paints, enamels, stains, and varnishes for non-professional use.
  • Our Black Nylon/Polyester Series, best for flat finishes with either oil or latex coatings, is available in a full selection of trim, sash, and wall brushes.

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Gold Sash™
Cat. No. 9435
Gold Trim™
Cat. No. 9530
Cat. No. 9549
Cat. No. 9038
Cat. No. 9055
Stain Latex™
Cat. No. 9109
Cat. No. 9112
Cat. No. 7035
Cat. No. 7050
Cat. No. 7550
Cat. No. 7120
Easy L™ Stain Brush
Cat. No. 19350
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