Corona Home/Maintenance Natural Bristle

Our tools for the Home/Maintenance market not only look good but also paint exceptionally well. We use natural China bristle to provide Home/Maintenance painters with high quality brushes for application of alkyd paints, enamels, stains, varnishes, urethanes, and other solvent-based coatings.

  • We blend extra fine China bristle in varying degrees of length and stiffness for proper flex, flow, and application.
  • White China bristle tools are preferred for varnish, urethanes, stains, and marine coatings.
  • Black China bristle tools are preferred for oil-based house and trim paints and enamels.
  • The thinner brown China tools are popular for fine detail work.

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White Arrow™
Cat. No. 3038
Stain Oil™
Cat. No. 3109
Cat. No. 3345
Cat. No. 3050
Cat. No. 3112
Honey Glow™
Cat. No. 5038
Cat. No. 5545
Cat. No. 550
Cat. No. 50
Cat. No. 555
Cat. No. 35
Easy O™ Stain Brush
Cat. No. 3350
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