Corona Roller Sleeves

Using the highest quality materials, including natural, woven fabric and knit fabric, we manufacture roller sleeves for all types of coatings.

Please note the availability of many popular roller covers in Bulk (BR) and Master Pack (MPR) quantities.

  • Plastic (PVC) or Solvent-Resistant Phenolic Cores ("F" Series).
  • Top quality synthetic blend materials are spiral wound onto cores.
  • Natural lambskin shearling pelts are hand sewn into rectangular sleeves then set onto cores.
  • Covers are combed and vacuumed for clean, uniform application.
  • Edges are accurately beveled for neater painting.

*Click on the thumbnail image to the right to enlarge image and view details.

UltraFast™ High Production Roller Sleeve
Lambskin Shearling™ Roller Sleeve
UltraWeave™ Roller Sleeve
UltraWeave™ Painter Multi-Pack
Cat. No. TRP-530F
UltraWeave™ Painter Multi-Pack
Cat. No. TRP-550F
Cat. No. R-125F
Cat. No. R-101F
Cat. No. R-801F
Cat. No. R-200F
Cat. No. R-201F
TuffPRO™ Roller Sleeve
Ultradel™ Roller Sleeve
Ultradel™ Jumbo Roller Sleeve
Ultradel™ Phenolic
Cat. No. R-3030F
WoolyEster™ Roller Sleeve
Electra™ Roller Sleeve
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