Corona Signs & Sales Aids

To assist our dealers in maximizing their sales and profits with Corona paint applicators, we provide exciting displays and point-of-purchase materials that accentuate the many important features and benefits of our quality paintbrushes and rollers.

We also offer our assistance in setting up store displays by designing plan-o-grams to meet individual space and marketing requirements of our customers.

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Professional Header
Cat. No. DM-3090
Professional Brush Sign
Cat. No. DM-3004
Professional Roller Sign
Cat. No. DM-3014
Home/Maintenance Sign
Cat. No. DM-3024
Gold Standard Sign
Cat. No. DM-3075
Performance Chinex® Series Sign
Cat. No. DM-3070
Hanging Sign
Cat. No. DM-7002
Hanging Sign
Cat. No. DM-7022
Hanging Sign
Cat. No. DM-7032
Hanging Sign
Cat. No. DM-7042
Marine Sign
Cat. No. DM-3003
Deck&Cabin™ Sign
Cat. No. DM-3032
Deck&Trim™ Sign
Cat. No. DM-3034
MightyPro™ Brush & Roller Sign
Cat. No. DM-3010
Floor Fixtures
Single Peg Hook
Cat. No. DM-2004
3-Prong Peg Hook
Cat. No. DM-2015
4-Prong Peg Hook
Cat. No. DM-2020
5-Prong Peg Hook
Cat. No. DM-2025
6-Prong Peg Hook
Cat. No. DM-2030
Flush Sign Holder
Cat. No. DM-1000
PRO Wire Countertop Stand
Cat. No. DM-1052
Roller Frame Holder
Cat. No. DM-2050
Extension Pole Holder
Cat. No. DM-2060
Plastic Roller Sleeve Bin
Cat. No. DM-4259
Literature Holder
Cat. No. DM-0600
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