MightyPro™ Roller Covers

MightyPro™ rollers are built to meet the needs of institutional and commercial maintenance painters, simultaneously providing performance and exceptional value.

  • 100% blended polyester.
  • Epoxy-set on phenolic cores.
  • Available in a wide range of naps.
  • Recommended for flat latex paints.
  • Distinctive packaging that highlights the "Quality Crafted Technology" concept, an integral part of this line.

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MightyPro™ Extra Short
Cat. No. R-8015F
MightyPro™ Short Roller Cover
Cat. No. R-8030F
MightyPro™ Medium Roller Cover
Cat. No. R-8050F
MightyPro™ Long Roller Cover
Cat. No. R-8075F
MightyPro™ Extra Long Roller Cover
Cat. No. R-8125F
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