Corona Specialty Rollers & Mitts
Our line of specialty applicators offers plastic loop texture covers, foam covers, painter mitts, as well as the Paletin™ paint applicators for handling pipes, wrought iron, and other irregular surfaces. The packaging on these includes specific how-to-use information.

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Cat. No. R-780-012F
Foam Line Sleeve
Cat. No. R-780-049
Carpet Pile
Cat. No. R-701F
Cat. No. R-710F
Acoustic Foam™
Cat. No. R-780-050
Acoustic Foam™
Cat. No. R-780-100
Foam Line Painter
Cat. No. R-780-048
Foam Corner Roller
Cat. No. R-789
Cat. No. R-767
Cat. No. R-769
Lambskin Mitt
Cat. No. W-500
Synthetic Mitt
Cat. No. W-100
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